Saturday, May 22, 2010

Adventure Stories

Everybody loves an adventure, don’t they? But some of us don’t share those experiences with others. We take pictures, but leave them in our digital cameras. We may write a postcard and send it back home, but put it in the trash after it has been read. We may put a few words on Facebook to let everyone know we are now back after an adventure. So, why tell anyone about what we did while rafting in Colorado? Or skiing in Vermont? Or surfing in Hawaii? (that last one sounds rather appealing, doesn’t it?)

Well, one reason we tell stories is to help people capture in their minds where we’ve been and what we are doing in our lives. Another reason is to make them wish they were there too. A third reason is to get them excited and maybe inspire them to want to go to a destination or accomplish something they think is impossible. Any of these is a good reason to tell about your latest adventure. It doesn’t have to be long; it doesn’t have to be international in nature. It just has to be your story. Out of your story will flow passion, energy, a draw for others.

If you are looking for some real inspiration, go to our website and click on Adventure stories. Why go there when there are other places like Facebook, Ebay and iTickets calling your name? For the simple reason, you will be inspired! Inspired by an adventure story you say? Absolutely!! I am so jazzed after I read the latest adventure story, I want to go out on another adventure myself.

I challenge you to go there sometime this week. Poke around and see what God is up to through your brothers and sisters here at Open Door. And then, here’s the challenge…leave a story from your own life adventure. It doesn’t have to be about Serve Elyria…just make it personal and from your own life. God is up to so many things here in this body of believers. I’ll be checking that link myself this week…so…let’s read about your adventure story, shall we?

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  1. Every moment we live for God is an adventure so we should be writing stories every day!! The challenging part is taking the time to reflect on each day and see where God is working. I hope everyone takes some time to reflect and then share. This sharing is what inspires us all.