Thursday, April 7, 2011

The adventure of a lifetime!

Hello friends,

We are certainly on the adventure of a lifetime, doing things we have never done and seeing a land we only dreamed that someday we would be able to see. Our flight was delayed going out of JFK--we left at 4:00 am on Wed. We have been all through Tel Aviv, experienced Joppa, picked up a rock from Mt. Carmel (remember the big BBQ contest held there?) We have been inspired as we walked through Caeserea in Peter's footsteps and stood where Paul once stepped into the awaiting ship to sail past Herrod's great temple at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Today as we ate dinner (the food is beyond amazing) over the Sea of Galilee, we felt blessed beyond ourselves. Tomorrow we will see Galilee from a whole new perspective as we walk the shore, visit famous places in the Bible and later are baptized in the Jordan River. The only thing that could be better than this is if you were here in person to experience this with us.
Thank you for your prayers. Jim shares his first devotional at the place where Jesus told Peter to "feed my lambs" tomorrow morning at 10. (It will be 3 am your time.)

We are safe, well-fed, and have a wonderful and knowledgable tour guide. We look forward to sharing a ton of pictures and our hearts with you in the next several days.
Jim and Andrea

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