Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Uniqueness Experienced

Have you ever heard someone say, “My life is like a movie?” or “They ought to make a movie out of that?” Today was one of those days for Pastor Jim and I. Picture that old James Bond 007 movie starring Pierce Brosnan where 007 is riding a cable car with some oversized gold toothed guy trying to knock him off as the cable car is speeding along a cable suspended many kilometers above the hard ground. We were on that cable car today (well, not that exact one, but one such vehicle of transportation.) We visited the ruins of Masada, a community living high above the Judean desert near the Dead Sea that was just mind-boggling. You may recognize the main characters of this drama on the heights: King Herod (remember his tie to Jesus?) and the Jewish zealots. The effects and remains are unparalleled in geological significance. I wish we had a shekel for every time our guide said, “no where else in the world can you find…..!” The landscape is breathtaking; the water is as clear and spectacularly blue as any island south of the United States. But, no where else in the world, can you float in a lake which in 33% salt. Pastor Jim and I bobbed up and down like a cork in the ocean in the Dead Sea. It was truly effortless, and the water was even warm! Those of you who say, “I don’t float” need to try it out. This place called Israel really is a paradise of sorts, vastly diverse in landscape, temperature, culture and spiritual significance. There really is no where else in the world you can find what we are finding here. We are walking through history, truth written in books including the Word of God. We see, sense, taste, experience this land and her history and as a result are drawn into a deeper walk with God. Won’t you come along sometime and walk with us? It’s as close as your own quiet time and not a cable car, but a plane ride.

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